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These High Quality 5 Speed transmissions feature the late type "Low Noise" gears and shafts, machined from Ultra Strong 20ChMnT High stress gear steel. Gears and shafts are tempered and stress released to a core hardness of 35 to 45 Rockwell, and a surface hardness of 58 to 60 Rockwell. All gears are lapped for smooth low noise operation. These gears and shafts are of such high quality they feature a 5 year or 100.000 km limited warranty. Evolution Softail type transmissions are build in a black or natural aluminum Delkron housing or our reinforced and economical priced polished Softail housing. Twin Cam Softail transmissions are build in an OEM type housing. The FXR transmission is built in Delkron housing. For the Dyna transmissions we used the OEM type housing with the built-in oil tank. Although only the best materials are used, these transmissions are very competitively priced. Transmissions are ready to use and come with a can of Spectro Transmission oil. Just install them, "oil them up" and put into gear.

5 Speed Softail transmission

Available as stock replacement or as offset transmission complete with all part to offset your primary. All transmissions are supplied without drive pulley with the exception of the 45mm offset versions these include a special offset pulley. Transmissions are ready to take the electronic speed sensor as used on 1996 and later models, just remove the aluminum plug and install your speed sensor.

Transmissions must be used with a 1990 or later clutch.


Builders Kits
These contain all parts to build a transmission using your own Evolution-style transmission housing and covers. Offset Builders Kits also include all parts needed to offset the primary.
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
Transmission builders kit, no offset
Transmission builders kit 25mm offset
Transmission builders kit 55mm offset
Fits 1985 thru 1999 Evolution Softail models
no offset 25mm offset 45mm offset 55mm offset
€ 2.532,71
€ 3.232,82
- 711682
€ 3.480,21
€ 2.444,04
€ 3.176,32
- 711685
€ 3.520,98
€ 2.536,67
€ 3.236,77
- 711683
€ 3.515,07
Fits 2000 thru 2006 Twin Cam Softail models
no offset 25mm offset 45mm offset 55mm offset
€ 2.538,54
€ 2.973,32
- 711692
€ 4.338,44
€ 3.436,83
€ 4.070,08
- 711693
€ 4.517,00

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